That Awkward First Post

Everyone has to start somewhere.

Of course, if we’re talking ‘starting’, when it comes to blogging, that came many years ago. In 2001, in fact. Long before my first wobbly dial-up connection was installed at home, my class at school was taught how to make a website. Most people created miniature fansites for their favourite TV programmes or the like, lovingly tweaking fonts and pictures as the weeks went by. I just rambled for week after week, block after block of text: blogging before I’d even heard the word.

Since then I’ve continued in the same vein, rambling away over several different platform. Anyone remember Microsoft Spaces? I had one of those. Livejournal, Blogspot… I was even on for a while, back in my angsty teenage years.

For the past year or so I’ve been technically blogging about my writing endeavours on my own website, but it felt a bit restricted. I like to rattle on about whatever takes my fancy, and you know what, Twitter just doesn’t cut it. I’ve become one of those people who clogs up everyone else’s timeline with tweet after tweet on the same subject. I don’t like it when other people do it so I shouldn’t do it myself.

Therefore hello to WordPress, for the first time. This blog doesn’t have a theme beyond the random business in my own head: expect book talk, feminist rants and writing woes, among other things. I’ll probably do a proper introduction kind of post, for a start, I’m guessing… whenever my cat moves off my laptop to make typing a little easier, or whenever I’ve had my tea. There’s not going to be a schedule or anything like that; I know full well what I’m like. I’ll write three posts in one night, then nothing for a fortnight. But hey! That’s what blogging is all about. Writing and rambling.

Trying to blog

It’d be lovely if I could have my hand back so I could type properly…

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