A Wedding to Remember

Sidenote: although this post is entitled ‘A Wedding to Remember’, I’m pretty sure there are quite a few guests who won’t be remembering much of it. Particularly the latter half, once the shots of rum started to come out. Cough.

Oh, come on. After vanishing off the face of WordPress for this long, I wasn’t going to come back without mentioning the most special day of my life, was I?

I’m not going to go into too much detail: I’m sure you’ve all been to a wedding before. You know the score. Vows, kissing, drinks, dancing, drunken bridesmaids. The standard.

Though as a side-note, I’d like to know how many brides spend a significant part of their wedding night sitting on the bridesmaids’ bedroom floor in their pyjamas, complete with two bridesmaids, their new husband and a bucket of chicken, while the other bridesmaid vomits in a bin. Anyone? Just me? They don’t mention that one in the wedding magazines.

Anyway, that aside (that included, it was awesome chicken), it was a fantastic day. I’ll never forget walking down the aisle and being struck with the realisation that the gorgeous human being at the other side of the room was waiting for me. I’ll never forget seeing all the people I love the most assembled with smiles on their faces. I’ll never forget seeing my respected advocate uncle attempting to do the Cha Cha Slide, three beats off from everyone else on the dancefloor.

I’ll let my favourite photos say the rest.

_MG_3536-Edit 7by5  _MG_3567-Edit-2 7by5IMG_298161299419779Wedding  _MG_3598-Edit 7by5 _MG_3690-Edit 7by5

(photos courtesy of a lovely man called DJ, which confused people no end throughout the day – and no, the DJ was not called Photographer)

By the way, the rebirth of this blog at this time of the year is no coincidence. I am indeed revving up for great procrastination during NaNoWriMo. There will doubtless be more on that later!

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