Happy 2019!

Big things are coming.

Oh, look, I’ve been neglecting my website again. For a good half of 2018, in fact. That happy little post I did a few months back about getting all disillusioned with blogging? Yeah, turns out that stuck. And for all my good intentions of going back to basics, having a good little ramble from time to time… that went out the window.

I suppose I didn’t think I had anything useful to say. I was just getting on with life, revving up for some big big things coming my way.

And now it’s time for those big things to get underway.

Firstly, you might have noticed that this website has had a bit of a revamp – my own domain name is back, for a start! And, er, my name has changed back. Don’t worry, I’m still happily married. But I’ve always said that I want my pen-name to be my maiden name. It’s far more memorable than my married one, for a start, and my feminist side has always stridently proclaimed that any big achievements I, er, achieve, should be done in my own original name.

And the achievements are coming.

Finally, finally, finally…

Meet the cover for The Bean Jar.

The Bean Jar by Jessica Leather
Oh yes. Oh yes oh yes oh yes.

Yes, I have indeed finally finished a book, and I’m getting it out. I’m going the indie route, and it’ll be hitting Amazon in both eBook and paperback form in the next couple of weeks. Yes, you heard that right, weeks. I’m having a bit of a formatting nightmare, but as soon as that’s cleared up, we’ll be good to go. To find out more, keep an eye on my Books page, and I’ll be letting out the odd snippet on here as the days go by.

I’m not going to go into some detailed retrospective of my 2018 – boring. I mean, it was a most excellent year for me with some very exciting things happening, but nobody wants to read all about them at the dawn of a new year. Ancient history, one might say. And I’m not going to start a massive list of resolutions, either; not my style. I might have a word about my Goodreads Challenge at some point, but that’s the extent of it.

Anyway. 2019. Good things to come. Expect to hear more from me… a lot more. Happy new year!

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