The Bean Jar: OUT NOW

Here is a book.

I wrote it.

And it’s available to purchase on Kindle, or in paperback form.


My Amazon site isn’t perfect yet: the formatting of the paperback description is all over the place and Amazon doesn’t want to fix it until both the eBook and the paperback have linked, because the issue might sort itself out once that happens. And that might take another 24 hours to do, because Amazon is doing an excellent job of getting its knickers in a twist.

eBook. My goodness.

I’ve seen how many of you have ordered the book already, and I can’t thank you enough. I’m so, so grateful that you want to support me, that or you just want to read the weird and wonderful ramblings that have fallen out of my head in the years I’ve been writing this book.

Oh heck. Actual people are going to read the weird and wonderful ramblings that have fallen out of my head.

It’s an actually terrifying thought and every time said thought strikes me I want to hide under my duvet and not speak to anyone until all this has long been forgotten.

I hope you all enjoy The Bean Jar, I really do. I want to see photos of you with it; I want all the reviews you can give.

As long as they’re good ones.


But seriously. Go and read my book. If you’re signed up to Kindle Unlimited, you can even go and read it for free!

Wow. When you search for ‘Guernsey’ on the Kindle store.

This is real dream-come-true territory and I just know I’m going to spend the whole day in a daze, possibly clutching my paperback to my chest and weeping quietly. I’m going to look a right sight at soft play. And even worse at work.

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