A Sit Down and a Cuppa, Part 3

I’m back again for some good old-fashioned rambling!

It must shamelessly be said; I am using this as a warm-up for some writing work today. After drifting somewhat pointlessly for a couple of weeks after The Bean Jar came out (Amazon link here, blah blah blah) with little to no idea of what to do next, writing-wise, I’ve got a good old plan in my head.

Um, I’m not actually going to say what it is.

I’m just referring to it as The Secret Project for now, just in case I lose my nerve and give up before I’ve really started (a very real possibility, come on, this is me we’re talking about). More information will come soon, considering I’m hoping said Secret Project will be released in July, but for now… *air of mystery*

Yeah, I’m not a very mysterious person, but that will have to do.

Today, I am sitting in my usual Caffe Nero, with my not-usual cuppa: a chai latte. See, I had three wisdom teeth out this week and I feel I should play it safe with the hot drinks. I feel a nice chai latte will be soothing and pleasant on the gaping holes in my mouth where teeth used to be. Not that I’d know, yet; I’m leaving it to get very very cool before I even attempt to put it in my mouth.


And yes, I do indeed have cake. So far the cake has proven a lovely soft success on my poor mouth, and the hope that at least this tooth extraction might lead to a bit of weight loss is drifting merrily out of the window.

I was actually quite surprised at how smoothly the whole wisdom tooth removal went off. I’d been obsessing about it for weeks, ever since it became apparent that three of the buggers would have to go – plus some roots left in the back of my mouth from a botched extraction of one of my other teeth years ago. Lovely stuff. I opted for the IV sedation route – well, I say ‘opted’ but I wasn’t given the choice for a full anaesthetic, which, to be honest, I would have taken in a heartbeat. And that’s even considering the fact that last time I had a GA I woke up vomiting like I was auditioning for the remake of The Exorcist.

But it turns out the sedation (and the local anaesthetic in my mouth, obviously) was all I needed. All I can really remember of the actual procedure was getting the needle in my arm for the sedation, the actual drug being put in and everything starting to go a bit hazy. The dentist had a screen above the chair, and put Chicken Run on for me to watch. I remember dopily asking if they could put RuPaul’s Drag Race on instead… which they couldn’t… and that’s about it. Oh, and a moment where it started to hurt a little bit, so I waved my arm around to get a bit more numbing in.

And that’s it.

My mouth is a bit tender, and won’t open more than about an inch, but that’s perfectly normal. I’m now obsessing over potentially waking up one morning with the dreaded dry socket, but it hasn’t happened yet and I bloody hope it doesn’t. Sounds like a proper nightmare that I’m rather keen to avoid.

I’ve been far quieter than usual on social media this week; usually I am what one might term an Instagram whore. Terrible for it, I know, but I enjoy it. This week, though, I’ve given myself a bit of a break. I feel like if I was a proper blogger, I’d have posted something about World Book Day, and International Women’s Day, what with being both an avid reader and an avowed feminist. This week should have been social media heaven for me. But with the various dental drama, and the lack of sleep while I’ve been panicking about it, I’ve just not really fancied it. Things will probably get back to normal next week, of course, and the few followers I have will run away in horror at the many, many badly-shot photos.

I’ve got a lot to look forward to in the next couple of weeks. I’m bang in the middle of my time off at the moment – a surprise holiday, to use up the annual leave I’ve accrued over the year and forgotten about – and apart from the toothy blip in the middle, I’m having a lovely time. Ted and I had a trip to Eureka, the children’s museum down in Halifax, with my friend Frances and her little Ivy. I haven’t been to Eureka since 2009 and it was great to see how it’s been refurbished and renovated. It was especially lovely to see Frances and Ivy, too – Ted loves Ivy, and all he wanted to do was hold her hand. He gave her a cuddle when we first met up, and didn’t want to let go. Poor Ivy looked very perturbed at having a hefty boy hanging round her neck!

Ted and I have also been doing a little bit of volunteering for Parenting North East, a fabulous sling library and parenting support enterprise up in Newcastle. You might have noticed I’m a bit obsessed with babywearing; well, I’m putting that obsession to use. It’s been humbling to see just how much more there is to learn about babywearing, and really fabulous to start doing that learning. Plus, it’s just a great place to go – lots of toys for Ted to play with, and always good coffee and a chinwag for me. Considering how damn lonely I was for months when we moved up to Darlington, I’m still finding it a bit of a novelty that people actually want to talk to me.

In fact, next weekend I’m off to London (VERY early in the morning) for a course to begin my official babywearing peer supporter training – the first step to becoming a proper babywearing consultant. I’m excited to learn more new things and something I’m getting a real passion for. And it’ll be really good to be able to give a bit more information to parents when I’m volunteering than just “oooh, I really liked that one!”. Not to diminish the value of personal experience, of course, but the odd bit of actual information tends to help too.

Then it’s only just over a week now until the great Sonata Arctica trip, part who-knows-what. How many Sonata trips have me and my friend Naomi had over the years? I’m not even going to start counting. This one, down in London, is going to be special; very probably the last one before Naomi moves to the US (I am very, very tempted to purchase penis-shaped hen night accoutrements, just because), and also it’s an acoustic show.

Yeah. An acoustic metal show.

I’m not convinced, I’ll admit it. I’m somewhat afraid they’re going to turn some of my favourite songs into a hoedown.

But there’s a few positives to an acoustic show. Firstly, I very much doubt I’ll be doing any jumping up and down, like I would for a proper show, so both my dodgy knees and dodgy pelvic floor will be safe. Plus, we’re planning on drinking for most of the afternoon so it should be a bloody good laugh. After a bucket full of cocktails (I WANT A ZOMBIE) I’m pretty sure I’ll be dosey-do-ing round the room, enjoying the hoedown with the best of them. Maybe I should find a cowboy hat.

In case you can’t tell, it’s a definite child-free event.

I’ve been sipping on my chai latte while I’ve been writing this and it seems to be all right. In fact, I’d almost forgotten about the wisdom teeth (well, lack thereof) – surely that’s got to mean the horrific dry socket isn’t looming? Oh, I hope not. At any rate, the chai latte is nearly finished so I should probably make my way home and reunite with my husband and child, and continue living our exciting life.

…in other words, if the day continues the way it started, sitting in front of The Sims 2 (I’m on a nostalgia kick) while Thomas the Tank Engine is on the TV and the aforementioned husband and son build a sheep out of Megablocks. That’s what lazy Sundays are for, right?

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