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Cleo Weeks is not stagnating. Nope.

So she’s still living in her childhood home at the age of twenty-four; so she’s still in the same job she fell into right out of university; so she’s never quite got over her teenage heavy metal phase. So what?

It helps when you’re (not) stagnating in a gorgeous place like the island of Guernsey, and working in a café like the Bean Jar. It resonates with creative swearing from its rickety staircase to its wide-windowed attic, and is ruled by Cleo and her three best friends.

While recovering from hangovers – and in one case, morning sickness – on New Year’s Day, the four women make a pact. It’s a leap year; they’re going to make the most of it. By the time the year is out, they will all be engaged. And they’ll have done the proposing.

Looks like that whole ‘stagnating’ thing might not last much longer.

From a teenage brother with a questionable YouTube channel to a madcap nan with a sequin addiction; from a best friend with a phobia of balloons to a sulky German rock star… it looks like the Bean Jar is going to have an interesting year…