2020: The Big Reading Wrap-Up

Finally, finally, this year is over.

We’ve all been through the wringer, haven’t we? If you’re reading this, then I applaud you just for getting through 2020. Not just the pandemic and all its assorted delights, but my monthly reading round-ups. Well done for pushing through all my inane rambling!

Though, much like Covid-19 (groan), I rather think I’ll be sticking around into 2021. I’ve really enjoyed doing my monthly round-ups and I have no intention of stopping any time soon.

Right, let’s talk books!

I always set myself a goal on the Goodreads challenge, and this year was no different; I decided I’d aim for a thoroughly respectable 52 new books read.

Then… the pandemic hit with full force. Lockdowns, stay-at-home orders, work becoming a ghost-town…

Well, it might have been a decidedly unpleasant atmosphere to be living through, but I found it quite conducive to reading. When I wasn’t building increasingly elaborate wooden railways for my small boy I was sprawling across the sofa, one eye on our new preschool teacher (CBeebies) and the other on one or the other of the reading apps on my phone. I flew through book after book, eating them up like lockdown banana bread.

Once I’d picked up the pace, I couldn’t seem to slow it down. Every time I thought I was about to hit a month of slightly fewer books, I’d find myself finding something new and amazing in which I could get lost, staying up far too late and devouring page after page.

Then, to top it all, I made my foray into Bookstagram (the bookish community of Instagram). I’m still only really dabbling my toes into it, but I’ve found so many fabulous recommendations. I wouldn’t have found half of the five-star reads I’ve got through this year without that community, and I hope to continue delving into it in 2021.

Plus, it influenced me into one of my absolute favourite purchases of 2020. Who doesn’t need a librarianly book trolley in their lives?

The upshot of it all is… I’ve done rather well with my Goodreads challenge this year. Some might say I’ve smashed it. Shall we have some stats?

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