I just logged onto the laptop and it had thoughtfully saved the last tabs I had open – my Facebook and Instagram feeds, frozen sometime in June. Oops. Yes, when it comes to sitting down and writing, be it the ending of my never-ending novel, or blog posts, or even nice chatty Facebook messages, I’m afraid I’m out at the moment. My life has been taken over by a whirlwind of wedding plans, work, and washing. Hey, my cycle of busy has alliteration!

The key thing that’s been taking over my life in the past couple of weeks is that I’ve had a sudden mad desire lately to turn our little shack of a house into a decent home. This involved the soul-crushing realisation that I had to get rid of some of my old stuff.

When Kev and I moved in together, he brought a suitcase and a box. I believe that was it. I brought a full car-load of bags, suitcases, and boxes… and a decent-sized trailer attached to said car, full of even more bags, suitcases and boxes. I might have moved house approximately twelve times since 2007 (actually there’s nothing approximate about that) but I’ve not lost anything along the way. Indeed, the collection has just grown and grown. We’ve been in this house for two years now, and although we’re not going to stay here forever, we’re not going anywhere for a couple of years.

Therefore… we needed to address the issue of space and storage, especially if we plan on having a baby at any time in the near future. Our house isn’t the largest – just your standard two-bedroom Mancunian terrace – and it was just full to bursting with my rubbish. The spare room had a giant three-door wardrobe, rammed. Our bedroom had two single wardrobes that had been so overloaded they were literally falling to pieces, spilling clothes all over the floor like a messy second carpet. Plus there’s a small walk-in wardrobe, just big enough to hang a few things in. Of course, I’d hung a few things in it then stacked it up with as many pairs of shoes and handbags I could possibly squeeze in. It was my Narnia cupboard.

I just hate throwing things away. I always think – what if that comes back into fashion? Or, more to the point, what if I get a tapeworm or something and magically fit into it again? And those shoes have so many memories attached to them – so what if they’re caked in indelible French mud and have completely given way at the heel?

I had to be brutal. And this is the result.

Bin bags

That’s not even all of it, not by any means, That’s just the few bags destined for the charity shop. There happened to be a lot more bags than that, they just got binned. Plus, so did the two falling-apart wardrobes.

Our bedroom looks so much better now. We’ve moved the three-door wardrobe in there, to replace the two others, and with just that one stashed in the corner it looks so much brighter. It’s not the most aesthetically pleasing of wardrobes, but we bought some new handles from IKEA and that helped, then I think I’m going to get some pretty postcards or something to stick on it, just to brighten it up. It means the carpet of clothes is now gone, and I’m going through the long process of washing and ironing them all – well, the ones that survived the purge, at least.

It does feel a lot better not to be burdened by years and years’ worth of old clothes and bits and pieces. Sad to see them go, but it felt like finally being an adult. I have to accept that even if I could fit into my size ten tops from second year of uni, I’d look laughable if I was to wear them out now. The word ‘mutton’ springs to mind…

Anyway, that’s all still ongoing. I also have what appears to be an ear infection, leaving me with waves of nausea and dizziness at really random, irritating times. So right now, with work and wedding thrown into the mix, blogging and writing aren’t really on my radar. Which makes me sad, because even this little ramble makes me realise how much I miss it. With only just over a month until the wedding, hopefully once it’s over I’ll have more time to sit down and write.

I will break out of this stasis eventually, I promise!