Exciting news for Disneyland Paris!

I’m sure most of you who read this know I’m a bit of a Disneyland Paris nerd: you certainly couldn’t miss the fact that Teddy’s first birthday was spent there. If I had the money, I would be there every year. So indulge me while I go a bit fangirly over this news that broke today.

It’s been years and years since Disneyland Paris got a decent expansion. Considering 2017 marked its 25th Anniversary, it’s well overdue something new. Refurbs most certainly don’t count – come on, after 25 years, Star Tours was well overdue one, and the other rides that have been spruced up recently were in dire need. There hasn’t been a totally new ride in Disneyland Paris since 2014: sure, that doesn’t exactly seem like aeons ago, but with massive expansions in every other Disney park across the globe, it’s an age.

Since the Walt Disney Company finally fully acquired all the rights to Disneyland Paris last year, we’ve all been waiting for a big announcement. The news about a new reskin of the Hotel New York, frankly, didn’t cut the mustard.

And today, Walt Disney Company CEO Bob Iger and French President Emmanuel Macron have jointly announced the incentive that France needs to boost its falling tourist numbers: a huge expansion at Disneyland Paris! Namely, a huge expansion to the much maligned Walt Disney Studios park.

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NYE: Nerdvana

Most bloggers I’ve seen over the past few days have been doing emotional retrospectives of 2015 and even more emotional plans for 2016. Nope. Boring. As I have somehow, miraculously found myself not at work today, I have decided to make the most of this New Year’s Eve. Am I going to a house party? To a club? Am I going to get wasted out of my mind and be on the Daily Mail website tomorrow morning, puking in a gutter?


I am doing my own personal fandom challenge. How many of my favourite fandoms can I possibly fit into one day? I dare myself to engage with as many different fandoms as humanly possible in the space of 24 hours.

Challenge  accepted.

0900wake up
I am wearing Harry Potter pyjamas. I have a Harry Potter tattoo on one leg. When I get dressed, I put on Harry Potter earrings. If this isn’t engaging with the Harry Potter fandom, I don’t know what is.

1020 – bus to town

Just in case the pyjama-tattoo-earrings triumvirate isn’t enough to count, I read through the last four chapters of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows while I’m on the bus.

1130Star Wars: The Force Awakens

By some miracle I’ve managed to not see any spoilers for this film, despite it having come out two weeks ago. I don’t know if this is a tribute to my own ability to bury my head in the sand, or the fact that news sources and fansites have got a lot more sensitive to spoilers these days. Either way – this film is amazing. Absolutely incredible. Everything I could have wanted. Shocking in places (thanks to the lack of spoilers), beautifully predictable in others. Rey is the feminist hero I’ve wanted to see in the cinema for a long time, and I feel vaguely hopeful for the future of sci fi and film in general.


Just look at that face

I leave the cinema covered in crisp crumbs (Walkers Sensations are on offer in Tesco, just FYI) but very happy.

1500 – Star Trek: Into Darkness

Back home, and it’s time for another spacey science fiction fandom. I’m not an original Star Trek fan – I only started watching it after the 2009 reboot, purely because of my massive crush on Karl Urban. I found myself absolutely loving it. In fact, when I saw the trailer for Star Trek: Beyond in the cinema earlier, I nearly shrieked with excitement. Maybe this means I’m not a ‘true’ fan, but you know… I’m having this one. I love this film; not as much as the 2009 film, but almost. It has its problems (sexismsexismsexism) but I love it anyway.

And I still have a crush on Karl Urban. Mmm, Doctor McCoy.

1615 – cup of tea and colouring break

Time for another fandom! While things are getting a bit hairy over there in Star Trek, Benedict Cumberbatch causing havoc all over the show… why not have a little bit of entertainment from my Game of Thrones colouring book. I’ve even put my Game of Thrones jumper on for the occasion (it says You Know Nothing, Jon Snow on it – Christmas present from my mum who has only just found out it’s not referring to the newsreader).


I am, after all, a Targaryen

1725 – Lord of the Rings: Return of the King

I get the feeling this might get switched off when my husband comes home from work and wants to watch something we haven’t seen 9000 times before, so I’m just skipping through to my favourite parts. They mostly feature the big battle scenes, and anything to do with Rohan – big surprise there (that pesky Karl Urban crush is rearing its head again). My goodness, Éomer’s armour is beautiful.


Can’t for the life of me work out why Gamling’s giving such an epic side-eye. Éomer’s speech was very rousing.

Although Harry Potter is the fandom I seem to represent the most (by way of tattoo, jewellery, clothes etc) I probably actually have just as much love for Tolkien. I am the proud owner of Lord of the Rings Trivial Pursuit and am so far unbeaten (yes, I did find other actual people to play it with me – rude). Maybe that will be a New Year’s resolution for me; get a Tolkien-related tattoo to go with my Potter one. This particular film actually played a big part in my very first date with my husband, making it all the more special (though to be fair, the relationship with Lord of the Rings predates the one with the husband by quite a long time).

2030 – Lego Jurassic World

After a brief dinner of Eggs Benedict, it’s time for another fandom! Finishing the night with a little bit of Jurassic World, via the medium of pixellated Lego on the PS4. My husband and I are just the coolest two people on the planet.

Now the year is properly drawing to a close, people everywhere are merrily pouring themselves their fifth drink of the night (or more) and revving up for some firework-based revelry. I am making a cup of tea and settling down to watch a couple of episodes of 30 Rock before midnight, when my husband and I can conceivably go to bed without feeling like we have a collective age of 903.

Fandoms Achieved: Harry Potter, Star Wars, Star Trek, Game of Thrones, Lord of the Rings, Jurassic Park.

A grand total of six fandoms properly engaged with in one day. Technically seven, if you count Lego as a separate fandom of its own. I’m counting that as a win. This is my nirvana.


Happy New Year!