Sheer Exhaustion

Let’s do some maths, shall we?

Your lovely favourite barista finishes her shift at 22:30. It takes her an hour and a half to get home from work, thanks to the late night buses not lining up properly and having to do a lot of standing around in the middle of Manchester surrounded by drunks.

The same barista starts her next shift at 07:30. Because she likes to fanny around and pour lots of coffee into her face, she tends to arrive at work an hour early – with the bus situation, it’s that or only ten minutes early, which doesn’t give much time for coffee-pouring. Luckily, the buses line up nicely at this time in the morning, so she only has to leave the house at 05:30.

Now for the maths part. When you add in eating, washing, and whining to her fiancé about her workday, how much sleep will the barista get?

…which is all just a very convoluted way of saying I’m absolutely knackered. I’m also in the middle of a seven-day straight, as it’s half term and we need all hands on deck in the cafĂ©. Thankfully I have two days off after the weekend, so I can spend a whole day sleeping and not feel guilty that I’m not being productive.

The tiredness is partially my own fault. Spontaneous nights out in Poptastic until 4am, just because I was on a late shift the next day… massively fun, not massively clever.


Literally the closest thing to a decent photo that I’ve got from Tuesday night.

Anyway, I just wanted to point out that I’m not neglecting this shiny new blog, and I have quite a few nice rambly posts planned. They’ll just have to come when I’m a bit more awake and the words stop dancing around the screen to the Blackadder theme music…